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Performance specifications in laboratory medicine (Athens 2017)

The course will provide an overview of different models to set performance specifications in laboratory medicine; 1) based on clinical outcome, on 2) biological variation, and 3) state of the art. In addition, it will address the total error concept, and performance specifications in external quality assessment schemes and in the extra-analytical phases.

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Cardiac Markers (Athens 2017)

The availability of highly sensitive troponin assays (hsTn) allows the safe clinical application of international recommendations and the introduction of fast-track protocols for the definition of AMI. However, hsTn assays have not always been welcomed by clinicians, claiming an increase in false-positive results. To guide interpretation of results, laboratory specialists need to get involved in communicating with clinicians through education, test interpretation and internal audits of test usage and patient outcomes.

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Promoting clinical and laboratory interaction by harmonization

A recording of a plenary presentation by professor Mauro Panteghini, recorded at 4th Joint EFLM-UEMS Congress: Warsaw, Poland, 21–24 September, 2016

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