ZOOM usually works on most computers without any installations. However, for the best results, following tips are recommended.

Users (participants)
  • internet connection (Wi-Fi or wired) + internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome)

  • ZOOM application - program can be downloaded here for free

  • speakers connected to PC (or integrated into display, laptop, headset …)

ZOOM webinars can be easily accessed via mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). Apps for AndroidiOS (Apple) are freely available.

Presenters, moderators, participants who intend to use microphone
  • the same as participants (see above) plus:

  • microphone - headset is recommended, connected to PC via USB preferentially (eg. this one)

    • alternatively, a built-in webcam microphone can be used (risk of echo increased)

    • generally, built-in microphones in laptops, tablets, smartphones are not recommended

  • wired internet connection (LAN speed) is recommended

  • webcam (of any quality) recommended especially for presenters

  • installation of ZOOM desktop software is “compulsory” for presenters and recommended for everybody (moderators, participants)

Last modified: Saturday, 5 October 2019, 2:18 PM