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Webinar "Faecal Hemoglobin" reminder, handouts available

Webinar "Faecal Hemoglobin" reminder, handouts available

by Daniel Rajdl -
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Dear colleague,

I would like to kindly remind you that you have registered for the webinar "Faecal Haemoglobin: Newer Approaches to Screening and Diagnosis of Colorectal Disease
" that will start tomorrow , on Tuesday 23rd January at 18:00 CET (Time Zone converter). It is advantageous, if you could be in the webinar room 10 minutes before the start. The access to the webinar room is available in the course (login required). The webinar will last 1 hour approximately.

The webinar will use Adobe Connect technology and the first time visitors are strongly advised to read the technical requirements before going to the webinar. At least, try this simple test or install an app to your mobile device (find "Adobe Connect" in your app store). I am also available to answer questions related to webinar technology and possible problems with access.

It is my great pleasure to inform you that thank to prof. Fraser, presentation handouts are available for you in the course (login required). We recommend to download the handouts before the webinar.

Looking forward to see you during the webinar,

Daniel Rajdl, EFLM WG-DE