November/December 2020 EuroLabNews

8. IFCC Corner

IFCC President Message
Firstly, I would like to say that I hope you, your family and your friends are safe and well during these tough times. The IFCC Executive Board is aware of the many challenges faced by laboratory professional across the globe and has been activity supporting the membership. Despite the pandemic, the IFCC organization has been very busy developing new programs to ensure continued progress on a number of fronts, including development of guidelines on laboratory management of COVID-19, a new live webinar series to provide e-learning opportunities to members and non-members around the world, as well as new programs in Global Newborn Screening and Global Laboratory Quality. An important new development is the new IFCC Global Conference on COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing on February 15-17, 2021. The conference will bring together scientific and industry leaders from around the world to present on the latest advances in COVID-19 diagnostics as well as public health authorities and medical experts to present on rapidly growing list of therapeutics and vaccines. The second announcement is already available and the online sites for registration and abstract submission are open. I would like to invite you all to consider registering for this conference and participating in this important virtual congress. We have kept the cost very low for all regular attendees from academia or industry and have arranged for free registration for all young scientists and trainees under 40 years of age read more:
Call for Nominations
Open positions within IFCC
The following calls for nominations are currently open for the time in office 2021-2023
Education and Management Division

  • Executive Committee: one member
  • Committee on Point of Care Testing: one corporate member
  • Committee on Clinical Laboratory Management: one member
  • Committee on Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum: one member
Scientific Division
  • Executive Committee: Secretary
  • Nomenclature, Properties and Units (C-NPU) in collaboration with IUPAC: one member
For further information on the open Calls for Nominations, please visit the IFCC Call for Nominations page.
Twenty-four teams receive global recognition for Healthcare Excellence in 2020
The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Program announced its 2020 winners. Foundational principles across all winning teams include “UNIFYING” across the care continuum for the development and implementation of “AVANT-GARDE” processes with measurable differences to clinical care.  The 2020 submissions included hospitals, commercial laboratories, reference laboratories, clinics and rural community care.  Applications included best practices across key areas of unmet needs with representation from every region of the world, spanning both emerging and established markets. Comprehensive judge review revealed 3 top winners, 9 teams of distinction, and 12 teams of achievement.
More details about the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program or 2020 best practices  can be found on the program website at or on social media, by including #UNIVANTS on LinkedIn. The success stories are especially meaningful in 2020 during unprecedented times for patients, communities and healthcare professionals. It is with great honour that we congratulate all participating teams while celebrating strategic activation and insights from clinical and laboratory medicine to achieve measurably better outcomes for patients, payors, clinicians and health systems.