November/December 2020 EuroLabNews

6. Updates on EFLM publications

6.2. The Academy of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and the European Register of Specialist in Laboratory Medicine: guide to the Academy and the Register, version 4 - 2020

Wieringa G, Jassam N, Homsak E, Rako I, Racek J
Clin Chem Lab Med 2020; Available from:
 Reported by Tara Rolić, member of the EFLM WG-Promotion & Publications
The 4th version of the guide to the Register for European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine (EuSpLM) describes the transfer of the register to the EFLM in 2016, the extension in 2018 and transfer under the umbrella of the EFLM Academy in 2019 when the Academy was founded. Furthermore, it elaborates the benefits of membership, including reduced registration rates at selected conferences and a free subscription to Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM). With effect from 2020 eligibility was extended to anyone with interest in laboratory medicine. The updated guide describes the processes for individual membership and block enrolment and the steppingstones to recognition as an EuSpLM within the Academy. Additionally, the guide explainsthe new ways of working for the EFLM Register and introduces the EFLM Academy. It includes an update for establishing the criteria for joining the Register and theAcademy, the value to the individual and the profession in achieving recognition as a EuSpLM. In this guide, a process of individual or block registration and enrolment mediated by societies/organizations is described. In updated criteria, new expectations across Europe in education, training, professional regulation, and qualifications are reflected. All this reflects EFLM’s leadership role in harmonizing high-quality laboratory medicine practice.