November/December 2020 EuroLabNews

5. Vacancy in the EFLM Working Group “Postanalytical Phase”

Reported by Silvia Cattaneo, EFLM Office
 Starting from January 1, 2020 there will be a vacancy in the EFLM WG “Postanalytcal Phase” (WG-POST) and EFLM invites its National Societies to send nominations for a position as Full Member. The deadline to send nominations is 20 December 2020.
Clinical knowledge and skills combined with laboratory expertise are needed for optimal interpretation of laboratory results in the setting of the individual patient. Increasing number of studies emphasise the need for improving the clinical utilisation of laboratory tests and that laboratory professionals should play a more prominent role in this optimization process. A spectrum of activities has been identified to assist clinicians in translating specific laboratory results to diagnostic information but too few is known about how these activities are practiced in laboratories and the aim of this WG, currently chaired by Ann-Helen Kristoffersen (Norway) is focused on that.
Here below the Terms of Reference of the WG-POST:

  • to promote the importance of those activities that can improve clinical utilisation of laboratory tests in the postanalytical (PA) and post-postanalytical (PPA) phases including assisted test requesting (AR);
  • to support laboratories in taking an active, prominent role in the above activities when they assist clinicians in finding the appropriate laboratory tests to meet their clinical needs and in translating the laboratory results to diagnostic information;
  • to develop and organise surveys and external quality assurance (EQA) programmes focusing on laboratory and/or clinical aspects of the above activities in European laboratories;
  • to provide a scientific paper and a feedback report summarising the main findings of each survey and updating the recent literature of the investigated practice on each project.
 The term of office will be for 2 years (1 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2022). The position could be renewable for other two more terms if the work for the Group is deemed essential at that time. The work is mainly conducted by e-mail and teleconferencing, the WG usually meets once per year (COVID-19 permitting).
Procedure for applications: each EFLM National Society Member in good standing with the membership fee can submit one nomination using the form circulated to the National Society’s representatives to be sent back to A brief plan of the applicant’s contribution to the aims and objectives of the relevant Working Group must be included in the form. Together with the application, a short CV should also be submitted underlining the qualifications and prior experience and publications in the relevant area. Candidates must be officially recommended by their National Society through a formal letter of support. Applicants who are not selected as full members may be eligible for corresponding membership.