November/December 2020 EuroLabNews

4. News from EFLM functional units

4.2. Preanalytical errors in Emergency Departments

Reported by Alexander von Meyer, Chair EFLM Working Group “Preanalytical Phase”

EFLM is collaborating with the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM) and the European Society of Emergency Nursing (EuSEN) on a project concerning preanalytical errors in Emergency Departments which are currently facing serious challenges.
Preanalytical errors affect the performance of Emergency Departments negatively and compromise the quality of care.
The aim of this collaboration is to have a deep understanding of the problems in the preanalytical phase affecting the performance indicators, like the total time in the Emergency Department. To do that, a survey on blood sampling has been assembled with the following objectives:

  • To have a deep understanding of the Preanalytical Phase Process (PPP) in the Emergency Department
  • To identify the use of key performance indicators (KPI) in the PPP
  • To evaluate the use of the KPI
  • To estimate the rate of rejections
We will appreciate your participation, especially considering the actual COVID-19 pandemic. This survey takes approximately 10 minutes to finish. The results of this survey will give us a clear understanding of the preanalytical phase in the emergency department.
The survey will remain accessible till December 7, 2020. Please feel free to invite other laboratories to take part in this survey and thanks in advance for your collaboration.


The survey has 29 multiple-choice questions for an easy compiling
Click here to preview the questions of the survey