November/December 2020 EuroLabNews

4. News from EFLM functional units

4.1. In memory of Thomas Røraas

Reported by Aasne Karine Aarsand, Chair of the EFLM WG “Biological Variation” and Sverre Sandberg, Chair of the EFLM TG “Biological Variation Database”

With great sorrow, we inform the EFLM community about the unexpected and premature death of Thomas Røraas. Thomas was a mathematician who developed many of the new models used to calculate biological variation components. He also designed the meta-analysis that delivers global biological variation estimates in the EFLM Biological Variation Database.
From TG-BVD and WG-BV meeting in Barcelona, 2017
Thomas was Expert/Consultant in both the EFLM Working Group “Biological Variation” and the EFLM Task Group “Biological Variation Database” and essential to this work. He was a humble and kind soul with a great sense of humor and was very knowledgeable both in his field as well as in other aspects of life. His work will remain an important contribution to the area of biological variation and to the establishment of the EFLM Biological Variation Database. He will be greatly missed.