September/October 2020 EuroLabNews


Reported by Harjit Pal Bhattoa, Editor EFLM EuroLabNews

Reflecting its persuals and dedication to forward laboratory medicine, the EFLM presents its scheduled bimonthly issue of the EuroLabNews in the midst of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemia. In the present issue, Giuseppe Lippi, EFLM Executive Board Secretary proudly reports on a new EFLM Scholarship Program dedicated to Professor Vic Blaton. Christa Cobbaert, EFLM EC observer in the WG-IVD under the Medical Device Coordination Group, presents a note on the establishment of the EFLM Task Force on European Regulatory Affairs that is dedicated to implementation of the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation. Perhaps as a trademark of the EuroLabNews, dedicated members of the EFLM WG Promotions and Publications present recent state of the art EFLM publications spiced by artistic infographics. The Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine report their latest activities. The IFCC corner presents developments in Laboratory Medicine with a global perspective. The Calendar of Events lists all major happenings in our field but please mind the change in dates. And above all, the EFLM Newsletter team wishes all our readers good health, keep safe!

1. EFLM Executive Board informs

EFLM Scholarship Programme in memory of Prof. Vic Blaton

Reported by Giuseppe Lippi, EFLM Executive Board Secretary

The EFLM Executive Board is delighted to announce the launch of a new EFLM initiative: the EFLM Scholarship Programme addressed to a defined group of EFLM National Societies selected according to UN and World bank classification criteria.

Vic BlatonVic Blaton

This new EFLM initiative is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Vic Blaton, who has been a former pioneer of our profession, a leader in the development of Laboratory Medicine in Europe and beyond. One of his biggest achievements was the merger of FESCC and EC4 into EFLM, where he was the first President. He was especially committed to help and support the non-developed and developing countries in Europe to reach professional and educational standards of the Western countries in the European Community at times of big political and economic changes. With this initiative the EFLM Executive Board aims to move forward his vision for the years to come.

The 'EFLM Scholarship Programme in memory of Prof. Vic Blaton' is addressed to the following EFLM National Societies:

1. Albania                                                       6. Montenegro

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina                            7. North Macedonia

3. Georgia                                                      8. Russian Federation

4. Kazakhstan                                                9. Serbia

5. Kosovo                                                       10. Ukraine

 The 'EFLM Scholarship Programme in memory of Prof. Vic Blaton' consists the following professional and educational opportunities:

 Bursaries* for EFLMLabX, the EFLM professional exchange initiative

➢ 10 Bursaries per annum, up to Eur 750 each

 Bursaries* to attend the EFLM Strategic Conference

➢ 5 Bursaries up to Eur 500 each to cover travel and accommodation; free registration offered by EFLM)

 Bursaries* to attend the EFLM Conference on Preanalytical Phase

➢ 5 Bursaries up to Eur 500 each to cover travel and accommodation; free registration offered by EFLM)

 Bursaries* to attend a conference proposed by the applicant

➢ 2 Bursaries up to Eur 1000 each to cover registration, travel and accommodation

 EFLM PostGraduate Course

➢ 1 course/year where the travel & accommodation for the Speakers' Team (2 officers) is paid by EFLM

 EFLM Academy membership

➢ 5 free annual registrations per country addressed to Young Scientists (≤ 35y)

 *restricted to EFLM Academy Members; the application's criteria are those already existing for the related activity.

 With this new initiative, the EFLM Executive Board intends to actively support colleagues from the selected countries offering the opportunity to improve knowledge, skills and personal CV, to enjoy educational events and to enlarge the network of professional links among Specialists in Laboratory Medicine in Europe.