Topic outline

  • 5 ways how to use e-learning in laboratory medicine effectively

    Presenter: Daniel Rajdl
    • chair of Workgroup for Distance Education and e-Learning by EFLM
    • he was and is a principal coordinator of several larger e-learning projects (E-clinical biochemistry, BioHema, CEVA)
    • his main pedagogical interests are webinars and effective presentation.
    Moderator: Dragana Segulja

    E-learning offers a broad variety of tools that can bridge information gap between these worlds. In this interactive webinar, we will cover following objectives:

    • overview of basic tools used in e-learning
    • familiarize attendants with 5 commonly used ways of delivering content by e-learning (webinar, voice-over presentation, quiz, user generated content + social media, e-book)
    • give examples and practical hints for creating attractive educational materials

    Keywords: e-learning, webinars, voice-over presentations, quiz, practical examples

    Recorded on 15th March 2016.

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