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    Tony Badrick: Innovation in QC Practice

    Julian Barth: Reflective Testing – Who Decides what we are Allowed to do?

    Phillip Monaghan: The Business of Introducing New Biomarkers

    Michael Neumaier and Stefan Schonberg: Is there Synergism in Laboratory and Radiology Services Interaction?

    Mathias Orth : Normalising Data to Aid Continuity

    Dalibor Valik: Laboratory Medicine and Biobanking for Future Patient Benefit - the role of Europena research infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC

    Jiri Vondrasek: We are Talking about Big Data - Are we using it? EU infrastructure – ELIXIR

    Tomas Zima and Ian Watson: Can a Centralised Laboratory Service Support Disseminated Healthcare? Pro vs. Con

    Timothy K. Amukele: The Promise and the Reality of Drone Transported Samples

    Jean-Philippe Bogardi: New Generation of Diagnostic Solution for Decision Making Processes in Oncology Treatments