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  • EFLM Academy: presentation and benefits

    Speaker: Ana-Maria Simundic (HR)
    Moderator: Sverre Sandberg (NO)
    Webinar manager: Daniel Rajdl (CZ)

    Date: 14th November 2019 at 18:00 CET


    The aims of EFLM Academy are:

    1. To provide a web domain comprising an information and communication platform;
    2. To support education, training and continuous professional development of laboratory medicine practitioners; and
    3. To raise the profile of EFLM.

    EFLM Academy will be officially launched on January 1st  2020.

    Who can be a member of EFLM Academy?

    All members of the EFLM National Societies are eligible for membership in the EFLM Academy. Beside Members who also meet the requirements for “European Specialists in Laboratory Medicine” will, by joining the EFLM Academy, automatically be enrolled into the EFLM Register (without any additional cost).

    What are the benefits of EFLM Academy members?

    • Free on-line subscription to CCLM, the official EFLM journal;
    • Unlimited access to all documents (laboratory standards) of the CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) database;
    • Regular e-mail notifications of all EFLM activities, programmes and opportunities;
    • Eligibility to apply for EFLM travel grants*
    • Reduced registration fee to all EFLM conferences and courses**
    • Free access to EFLM webinars*

    How can I become a member of the EFLM Academy?

    National Societies are encouraged to establish automatic block enrolment of all its members into the EFLM Academy. Besides, individual members of the EFLM National Societies can apply directly through on-line subscription service in the EFLM website. The annual fee is 15 EUR to receive the benefits listed above.

    *   Please note that starting with January 1st, those who are not members of the EFLM Academy will not have the access to EFLM webinars and will not have the opportunity to apply for EFLM Travel grants. 

    ** This applies to: EFLM Preanalytical conferences, EFLM Strategic Conferences, CELME Symposium, but does not apply to congresses/conferences organized in collaboration with other organizations, such as EuroMedLab.

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