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  • How to perform tube validation?

    Speaker: Tiago Guimaraes (PT)

    Moderator: Giuseppe Lippi (IT)

    Date: 3rd April 2018 at h. 18.00 CET


    Every laboratory has to be aware of the need to validate the tubes it is using.

    The importance of the pre-analytical activities is well known but sometimes not valued.

    For tube validation each place has to set its own objectives according to its particular needs.

    The EFLM Working Group on pre-analytics tries to help in setting some consensus on these aspects.

    A EFLM Recommendation on this is being prepared.

    About the speaker

    Joao Tiago GuimaraesJoão Tiago Guimarães MD PhD

    • Diretor of Clinical Pathology, São João Hospital Center, Porto
    • Associate Professor, Biomedicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto,
    • Researcher, Institute of Public Health, university of Porto,
    • Member-at-Large, EFLM Executive Board
    • Corresponding Member, EFLM WG-PRE
    • Past President of the Portuguese Society for Laboratory Medicine

    • Assessment & Certificate