Communication Between Laboratory and Clinician: Key for Proper Medical Care

Date: 19th May 2020 at 18:00 CET

Speaker: Avi Peretz (IL)   Moderator: Dganit Itzhaky (IL)     Webinar manager: Petros Karkalousos (GR)

Laboratory tests results have a decisive influence on the choice of treatment, its success and the prognosis of the patient. In order to ensure the reliability of laboratory test results, a close communication is required between the laboratory and the medical staff. The communication should be expressed in discussion concerning specific cases and the current provision of demographic, clinical and epidemiological information about patients. As the industry moves towards switching to automated systems that perform many laboratory tests in a short time, and with the merger of laboratories, the contact with the medical staff is gradually reduced. As part of the lecture, we will use clinical case studies to provide examples for the importance of the communication between the clinician and the laboratory. The examples will include cases from different laboratories.

Teacher: Avi Peretz